The Last Battle by CS Lewis
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Narnia fever is still high in me and it has risen into quite an epic finale with its last book, The Last Battle.

I remember the first time I read The Chronicles of Narnia series,it was through this last book, that I realized the stories has some sort of Christian allegory in them. Maybe this book has been too obvious for me that I realized it. And with that realization, I began re-reading again the whole series and become more conscious of the allegories with each book. And I declared much to my surprise that the whole Narnia series is somehow patterned with the stories in the bible. Man, was I amazed at the discovery. I babbled about it for weeks to my fellow bookworm friend, who by the way was the one who lent me the series. Thanks Shem! 😉

Anyway, (spoiler alert!) the story is set generations after The Silver Chair, in the last days before the end of Narnia. King Trian, the last king of Narnia was experiencing a difficult moment as he saw Narnia deteriorate before him, his loyal subjects killed and some of his countrymen against him. Narnians are already losing hope in Aslan, and King Trian himself is confused. But in his greatest moment of need, he found some courage within himself to call for help and Aslan has not disappointed him. Help arrive in the form of Jill and Eustace who as we may know were the ones who was sent to Narnia to rescue King Rillian in The Silver Chair. But later on, readers will realize that they don’t return to Narnia to save it but as witnesses of Narnia’s end.

After re-reading this book for the third time, I still can’t shake the sadness that I feel every time I get to the climax. It felt so surreal to have read the end of Narnia as we know it and I can’t help imagining about how our own world will also endure the end of it’s days. It is somewhat scary and bleak but it also sort of remind me that everything will come to an end whether we like it or not. It reminds me to live  life purposefully and with all that I could give.

It also make me think of ways to be more conscious of how I value life and everything. The physical world may end but what matters is how you make it beautiful as long as you lived. There really are a lot of reflections that we could glean from endings and this book gives me that.

I was also very sad about Susan in this book. She has thoroughly parted ways with Narnia and thus she has seemed to be not part of it anymore. It makes me sad to see a character that I have grown to love, even when she is not my favorite, drift away and not be part of the story anymore.

Though I was sad about Narnia, I was also happy about how it ended. Depicting the end of the days of the world, somewhat like in the bible, we saw Narnia, the real Narnia, the paradise, come to life with a promise of it’s not having an end. It’s just like a happy-ending story and well, I’m partial to happy endings.

Oh, and by the way in case you noticed that the book cover features a unicorn, well because a unicorn is present in the story. So there, unicorn lovers. 😀

This book and the whole series of The Chronicles of Narnia is highly recommended. Much issues have been raised with these books because of the themes and the symbolism that cause conflicts for some who are against those beliefs. Nevertheless, Narnia is a spellbinding, entertaining and captivating in its own right regardless of the symbolism attached. And so I  don’t find it hard to recommend The Chronicles of Narnia to all I meet.

Ratings: 5/5

Author: C. S. Lewis

Age Level: 8+


Book Review: The Last Battle (The Chronicles of Narnia Book #7 Chronological Order) by C. S. Lewis
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