Hi! Welcome to The Little Bibliophile.About Alona

I’m Alona.

I am a nurse by profession but is really a quirky little kid in a world of awesome adults. I love books and I devour all kinds of books but children’s books are my all-time faves. I love writing too and making-up stories about princesses, fairies, and magic.

The Birth of the Little Bibliophile

I started loving books when I was about six years old.

The very first book that made me love reading is a short novel about a family of chickens and their neighbors. It was written in the Filipino language and was over an inch thick with a large font, but because I was fascinated by the story, I managed to read the whole book in one afternoon. Since then, I have always been fond of books and reading.

Why is this important for me?

I read books on weekends and even at school during recess and lunch breaks. I read any book I found. I just felt that books are my friends and they share me their secret worlds and let me in. I felt belongingness in a book and with the characters in a way.

With reading, I also found out that I get to learn new words and ideas. It made me thrilled to have known some things my friends don’t know about and being able to share it with them. I felt that I helped them somehow and I felt happy.

Books help me to become what I am today. And I want to spread the word on the importance of reading and how children could benefit from reading books. By reading books, I was able to improve my vocabulary that helps me not only through my school years but also in getting my first job to traveling alone to places for the first time.

The habit of reading is a great habit to cultivate as early as possible. The love of books is better established during the early years of life. My parents surely did everything they could to make me fond of reading but it was only until I was six that I really loved reading by imitating someone I admired and by accidentally finding the book that made reading enjoyable for me.

The Mission

And because of that, I want to help parents to find that book that will tickle their child’s  imagination and fire up a love for reading books. I’m not a parent myself but I surely have a child’s spirit in me that never grows old and tired of children’s books.

Make reading time fun time and make books attractive to kids and surely they will love it and look forward to every reading time. With time, they may even beg you to re-read a book or buy them a book they will read with you or on their own.

I believe that books are essential to developing a child’s mind and igniting creativity. That is why I want to help promote and make reading enjoyable to children by setting an example and make my passion for books known.

And it is my best hope that here in my website you will bump into that special book that will light the fire to a life-long journey of reading and learning for your child.

But most of all, I just want to share my love for books with those quirky, kids-at-heart full grown adults who share my passion for children’s books.

Children’s books are lovely and there’s no help in resisting their charms. And you may be rightfully drawn to children’s books and  find great joy in them as I often do. There is always more to learn in books, even children’s books, aside from it being fun.

I hope that through this site we could interact and share thoughts about all the children’s books that we love or hate.

Happy reading!



P.S. If you want to share your love for books or you have questions or suggestions, or maybe you just want to talk feel free to email me at [email protected] I’d be happy to reach out to you in any way  and the soonest that I can. 🙂