Here is a list of the resources, tools or services that I use for The Little Bibliophile to get going and some others that I am dumping in here to explore in the future.

Please note that while some of these products are free, some are paid so please read their terms and condition before purchasing so you are fully aware of the pricing.

Note also that some of these links are affiliate links, which means I get a commission when you click on the link and purchase (at no additional cost on your end.)


Kerygma Books

Kerygma Books is a Philippine-based online bookstore that serves as a place of inspiration where you can get books that feed your soul.

Better World Books is an online bookstore that sells used and new books. What I love about Better World Books is that they not only offer books at a cheap price (and with free shipping at that!) but that they also donate books or part of their profits to fund literacy programs around the world.

Website Hosting


I trust my website hosting with SiteGround and I really recommend them for fast and efficient customer service. They have their own advanced web hosting security solutions and the latest speed technologies. I can always be sure that my website is safe and fast with SiteGround.


Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing aid is a grammar checker, style editor and writing mentor all-in-one. It helps in improving writing and is a great alternative for Grammarly.

Hemingway App

This comes in a desktop app or an online editor that are both free. Hemingway just makes your writing better by making it simple. It does this by making suggestions on your writing to make your writing suitable for an 8th grade. Simple writing = better writing.



Evernote is where I basically dumped everything from To-Do Lists to Ideas, Blog Posts to read, Books to read and I can even clip images and store it in Evernote. It’s just a digital journal, storage, scrapbook app that you must have in your phone and laptops.

Logo and Designs


I was looking for something that will help me with designing and creating visuals when I stumbled upon Canva and I was so impressed! Designing has never been so easy for someone who isn’t a designer by profession. And I am just loving it.


I actually created my logo with Canva but this one is also a nice site to go when you want to create beautiful logos. It is an AI-powered logo design tool and if that isn’t cool enough to grab your attention then I don’t know what will. 😉



Soundstripe offers royalty free unlimited music for your videos. So if yu have a Youtube channel or uses videos in your book reviews ( I have been thinking of this lately), maybe you can make use of a membership in Soundstripe.



Okay, so there are just some things that we just cannot do or have the time to do and Fiverr is there to help! You can hire freelancers to do the techie stuffs or maybe just try and learn something from the online courses.


Here is a list of blogs/websites that serve as an inspiration to me when writing:

So there you go. I will update this page as often as I can to add other interesting blogs, great apps or tools and resources that I may stumble upon.

As always, happy reading!

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