Hi! I am an adult bookworm who is really a Little Bibliophile at heart whose love for children’s books lead to the creation of this site.

Among other things, you are sure to find book reviews here so I would just want to let you know how I write my reviews.

I follow a simple review system that is mostly rational but can be deeply emotionally-based. My reviews will be honest and will tackle on what I love about the book, what I find lacking in it if there is any, how the narration affects the mood of the story and what makes the characters pop in the story.

For picture books, my ratings will also be greatly affected by the illustrations. So, when I really like an illustration that is automatically 3 stars for me.

As for chapter books or middle-grade books, I am most affected by the plot and progression of the story. Relatable characters also make me interested.

Overall, here is my rating system and what each number of stars means:

5/5 stars- This book is highly recommended. It touches all the good points and it makes me deeply satisfied.

4/5 stars- Still highly recommended. It may be missing an element that would have made me deeply satisfied, but I can say it is a great book without second thoughts.

3/5 stars- Recommended. It touches major points and details though it might have overlooked some.

2/5 stars- It is not that I don’t really recommend it but I find myself not really that interested in it. It may be a good book but for me, a lot is lacking.

1/2 stars- I’m sorry but this book and I just won’t work out.