The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by CS LewisSpending the week re-reading Narnia has done the magic in me. I was more imaginative and I am much more aware of the wonders that imagination could affect in our creativity.

I really do love the Narnia series and it’s one of the books that I could never get tired of re-reading. For one thing, I like classic books and for another, Narnia is simply creative and magical. I love the warm, cozy feel that creeps up on me everytime I’m soaked in the Narnian world.

After re-reading Prince Caspian, I go on to re-read The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the fifth book in the chronological order. It’s the third book actually based on the publication and whether you choose to read it in chronological or the publication order doesn’t really matter. I just choose to read it chronologically to satisfy my OCDish behavior. ūüėÄ

The story started when Edmund and Lucy get to spend the summer at their Aunt’s house. They were talking one day in Lucy’s room when Eustace, their dreadful cousin came to interrupt and bully them. But somehow, they three ended up being sucked in a painting with a ship on it and found themselves in Narnia. The ship is the Dawn Treader and is manned by Caspian, now King of Narnia and who goes by the name King Caspian X. With him is the valiant mouse Reepicheep and they are on a journey to find the seven lost lords of Narnia who were the friends of King Caspian the IX, and were sent away on a voyage by King Miraz when Caspian was a little boy.

This book is one of my three favorite¬†books in this series following The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. It has all the epic thrills of adventure and what’s more in the sea that makes me think of The Pirates of the Carribean but in a milder and more child-friendly way.¬† The strange and unique islands they discovered along the way which is¬†vividly and effectively¬†described makes it a wonder. I loved how each of the islands they came into each had some mystery and the smell of danger in them and how you can never quite guess how it will all turn up.

The introduction of another character, the Pevensie’s¬†cousin Eustace, give the story an interesting turn. His horrible, selfish and mean character easily makes him a bother but his change for the better, in the end, is a lovely tale of a happy ending.It also easily introduces the hint that Eustace could very well be an important character in the next books. And for that, one will really get excited as to what is waiting in Narnia for Eustace in the next books.

However, for Edmund and Lucy, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is the epitome of their childhood adventure in Narnia. They get to experience and feel so much during their journey in the Dawn Treader. They meet new¬†characters on their journey, they came face to face with danger too many times and they even experienced being sold as slaves at one point. Their courage was tested and so was their character. And as they come to the end of their journey, well into The End of the World, they were told about the end of their journey¬†in Narnia because like Peter and Susan, they are now too old to come back. I guess this was an epic end of their Narnian adventures especially for Lucy who was the first to stumble upon Narnia and who held unto Narnia with passion and great faith. To end her adventure in Narnia in a full-packed adventure on board the Dawn Treader and ending in a place that’s called the End of the World is a very fitting climax of her Narnian adventure.

I really recommend this book to be read but please note that this may have some dark themes all throughout, like the bidding of the slaves part and so it will be good for guided reading with your child. This is certainly for older children, though the adventures may appeal to children aged 8.


Ratings: 5/5

Author: C.S. Lewis

Age Level: 10+






Book Review: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (The Chronicles of Narnia Book #5 Chronological Order) by C.S. Lewis
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