It’s Monday once again and we’re back to our Girl Power Monday. This particular Monday is the first Monday of October and I want to start our October with a bold and energetic vibe. Hooray for October!

Because I’m all for upping the energy for this month, I want to kick start our first Monday with some great action-packed book about wild, crazy girl power. And who says girls can’t be brave and wild and crazy, huh? Every free-spirited girls could certainly relate to our heroine for today.

Fearless-The Story of Racing Legend Louise Smith by Barb RosenstockAnd what made this story extra special for me is the fact that this biographical story book is about a girl racing legend. A racer and a girl at that, in a time when there are too many things a girl is not allowed to do, like driving or racing a car. She definitely paved a way for girls to race cars. And that is just so wow! This girl was mighty spunky and plucky!

” I won a lot, I crashed a lot, and broke just about every bone in my body, but I gave it everything I had.”
-Louise Smith (1916-2006)

I never knew Louise until I came across this book and I must say she just won my heart. She’s as the title say, fearless. She lives for what she want. Even when it is against the rules and societal norms. I didn’t really encourage little girls to be law-breakers but at a certain point, we have to be just our dear own selves without having to fit into what every one else expects from us. We are all born to be free spirits and unique. We are born to stand out with all our differences and uniqueness and not conform to one generic model. And we each had a dream that we should never throw out of the window because society will laugh at us or it isn’t accepted.

This book with it’s fast-paced narration and vintage-feel illustration is a perfect read. It craftily narrates the life story of a racing legend and evokes that adrenaline rush with every, “Fast! Faster! Flying! Free!” Louise’ story clearly defies and leaves stereotypes behind in the dust.

Happy Monday reading!

Fearless: The Story of Racing Legend Louise Smith

Rating: 5/5 stars

Author: Barb Rosenstock

Age Level: 5+

Girl Power Monday: The Free Spirit Featuring Fearless-The Story of Racing Legend Louise Smith by Barb Rosenstock
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