It’s almost 3 years that I have been living here in Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And each year I am always looking forward to the celebration of their foundation day each year. I’m certainly not a native here but I just love the festive mood in the air and on the streets on this particular day. Everyone is so happy and Saudi Arabia seemed so alive.

This year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is celebrating their 87th Foundation Day. The Saudi National Day as the holiday is called is celebrated every 23rd of September to commemorate the establishment of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by King Abdulaziz in 1932.

5 Children's Books By Saudi Arabian Authors to Celebrate National Saudi Day


The roads and buildings were decorated with the Saudi flag as early as September 21. On the night of September 23, the people were out in the streets waving small flags and those in their cars are also waving big and small flags above their cars. Some are wearing the flag over their shirt. There were fireworks near the Kingdom Tower, the iconic building of Riyadh, that lasted for almost half an hour.

Up until the night of September 24, the streets are still packed with people and the mood is festive. Flags are waved and music is played and there is much celebration. There are no more fireworks though, and I would have loved to watch again. I so LOVE fireworks! ūüėÄ

And to celebrate with the Saudi nationals, I compile a list of 10 children’s books by Saudi Authors which are either written in English or has been translated into English. They are certainly great books and I think you would really love it.


Hiccups by Halla Bint Khalid

1.Hiccups by Halla Bint Khalid

Little Len has hiccups and her brother Khallood is trying to help her make them go away. He suggested things that Len will do but all in vain. Then, he decided to scare the hiccups away but lions and ogres and lizards just won’t scare Len. Will they find out what will scare Little Len’s hiccups? This book is full of bright and funny illustrations and peek-a-boo pages kids will surely have fun

This book is full of bright and funny illustrations and peek-a-boo pages kids will surely have fun!



Attacks of the Caries Pirates by Halla bint Khalid2. Attacks of the Caries Pirates by Halla Bint Khalid

SWEET TOOTH is the name of the ship of the stinky Caries Pirates. These bad guys are sure a pain in the teeth but find out how the Islanders get rid of them.

Make the kids feel like a hero when brushing their teeth. Fight those bad Caries Pirates away!




BathRah on the Airplane by Halla Bint Khalid3. BathRah on the Airplane by Halla Bint Khalid

Little girl BathRah is a mischief in action. And no one and nothing is safe from her, even airplanes. This unruly five-year-old soon sparks chaos onboard a long plane trip like no one has ever seen.

A hilarious story that even adults will enjoy! Watch out for BathrRah. ūüėČ


Once Upon a Mutant by Lana Sultan4. Once Upon A Mutant by Lana Sultan

This book follows the journey of a young boy who comes to some small town occupied by mutants. The mutants aren’t really very friendly at the beginning and he¬†struggles to be accepted.

This book is written in rhyme and tackles the issue of tolerance and acceptance.





The Green Bicycle by Haifaa al Mansour5. The Green Bicycle by Haifaa al Mansour

Wadjda is an eleven-year-old girl that lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia She really wants a bicycle so that she can race her friend, Abdullah. But girls are not allowed to ride bikes. Wadjda then tries to earn¬†money for her dream bike by selling homemade bracelets and mixtapes of banned music to her classmates. And then she’s caught, and she’s at the risk of being expelled from school. Still, Wadjda can’t stop thinking about her dream bike.

This book with its promise of mischief and sense of adventure is a great read.




There is never a better way to celebrate holidays than to have a book in hand. I hope you and your little bookworms all have the fun of a book-filled holiday!

Do you know of other books written by Saudi authors that you really enjoyed reading? Share with us in the comments below.

Happy reading!

5 Children Books By Saudi Arabian Authors To Celebrate Saudi National Day
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