It’s Girl Power Monday! Yep, I just made that up. I’m all about women empowerment and by women, I want to start with girl empowerment because I am still a girl at heart. And all empowered women started out as girls right? So why not start the empowerment early? Empowered little girls will grow on to be empowered ladies. It’s definitely awesome. Anyway, I’m still on to declaring all Mondays as Girl Power Day. Hooray!

Girl Power Monday

And for our first ever Girl Power Monday we’ll talk about conquering your fears and being brave. Big words, I know. But the thing is one need not to be very big or very strong to be brave. It takes more than that. It needs willpower and some special skill of gutsiness. Being brave doesn’t mean you’ll always conquer the world either. It could also mean failing but still trying, again.  There are just so many ways to be brave even when you are so little, don’t forget that.

And talking about being brave, today we will feature a brave adventurer named Lou. She and her friends are all brave adventurers. They run faster than airplanes. Wohooo! They build mighty fortresses. Whoaaah… And they rescue wild animals! Rawwwr…

But one day, while playing pirate, Lou’s friends suddenly had an idea for their pirate ship—up in a tree!

Now, this is totally new for Lou. Our brave adventurer has never EVER climbed a tree before. She is really sure she can’t climb a tree. So she tries to convince her friends not to play up there. But her friends are already up in the tree and they seemed to be having a good time. They kept telling Lou to climb. But Lou has so MANY  reasons not to climb.

The Thing Lou Couldn't Do by Ashley SpiresThis book has a very insightful story about how children behaved when they are about to do something hard or new for them. From denial to spurting out excuses to using the imagination to find other ways to go around a problem, this book perfectly illustrates facing challenges and encourages children to learn new things.  Though Lou wasn’t able to climb the tree at all, the story focuses that the most important thing is that you try. And if you are done for the day, well, there is still tomorrow.

The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do is quite perfect for this very first feature of Girl Power Monday. Lou surely showed awesome and adventurous girl power. Best of all, Lou learned to face her fears which girls and even boys, could learn from. It also promotes compassionate friendship like how Lou’s friends offered to help her and teach her how to climb when she just couldn’t climb the tree. Kids will learn through this example to be considerate and be caring for their friends and to lend a hand to others.

I really liked this book and I highly recommended this for your little ones. Have you also read a book that teaches kids to conquer their fears? Please share with us below so we get to know about it and read it too!

Happy Monday reading!

The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do

Ratings: 5/5 stars

Author: Ashley Spires

Age Level: 4+

Girl Power Monday: Conquer Your Fears Featuring The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do by Ashley Spires
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