5 Reasons Why A Library Is Still a Treasure In This Google World

I love libraries.

Growing up, I have always been a regular in our school library because I love reading books.  And that made the libraries one of my favorite places in the world.

But with the advent of new technologies nowadays and the convenient abundance of e-books and digital media, libraries had seemed outdated and old-fashioned. Researching for a topic has never been this easier when you can just google them away in your computers, and even on your mobile phones. Information is already so accessible, anywhere and everywhere and just within the tips of our fingers.

So, you may ask, what’s the use of a library anyway when you have Google and Kindle and everything at your convenience?

And because I love libraries, this post may come out as defensive. Relax, I’m not here to argue with that. I love Google and the internet, too. And I read e-books on the go. But I just want to point out what’s in a library that you may have missed out. There are surely a lot of things a library can have that Google don’t but let me just make out a list of five to prove my point. Maybe you’ll agree with me. But if you don’t I won’t take it against you, don’t you worry.


1. It is the place to go when you want some place and quiet.

Peace and Quiet

As we know, librarians are always strict with implementing silence and quiet in a library. And most people wo go there expect a quiet environment for them to focus and study. So, I seem this reason is just way too obvious. But as for me, the library is the first place I would really think of going when my mind is just so chaotic, and I want some quiet place.

Okay, there are other places that are quiet and beautiful at that than a library. But bookworms will agree with me that the sight of a thousand books in a room is a beautiful sight if beautiful is what you are pointing out. Plus, there are really, beautiful libraries all over the world and they are worth travelling for. Yes, I have plans of travelling and visiting those libraries. And maybe you should try too!


2. Printed books are still cool.

Yes! I am saying that. And I am not going to get that back. Kindle maybe the greatest invention as you could carry a digital library around with you. And that is very convenient. I like that. But I still love printed books—paperbacks, hardcovers. I love them and, this is a secret, I love sniffing them. I guess I can’t sniff through an e-book, right?

You may say I’m an old-fashioned lady, and you can say that all you want. No hard feelings. I admit I’m a little old-fashioned anyway, HAHA. But as for me, printed books will never be outdated. I feel more at ease with reading printed books than e-books. It must be that I am just used to printed books and refused to grow up from that. Yeah, maybe I’m just being my old-fashioned self.


3. There’s someone who could help you or point you to what book you should get.

It’s frustrating to try to search for something and not come up with the desirable results. Or maybe ypu just don’t know what to search for and just can’t come up with an idea. Maybe, somebody could help you. A librarian could be your best friend.

I used to envy librarians because they work in a room surrounded by books. They could read all-day. But librarians are not just there to silence us when we get too noisy in the library. They could help us out when we need to find a book or recommend us books for a topic we want to research.


4. You could meet like-minded people and maybe you’d be great friends.

Books and Friends

Have you ever spotted someone reading a book you really loved and wanted to start a conversation with that someone about the book? In a library you could easily find people who are interested in books you read. Books are great conversation starters and who knows you may end up being close friends with your library buddies. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

5.It is of course, free.

I guess I don’t need to list that out, but I just want to point out that even with the new technologies permeating our society nowadays, there are still people who don’t have access to the internet. Maybe most of us are lucky we can surf through our phones. But for those who can’t, a library is just the best that they could have to gain information and learning materials.

Some libraries also have computers with internet connection that you can use for free. And that is very helpful to those who don’t have access to the internet. But computers are still a luxury in some places. And a library can be a great help to those communities.

You can help those communities who lack access to books and learning materials through donating to support charities and organizations that help those communities. Or you can volunteer in your local library to show support. Libraries need your support now more than ever.


5 Reasons Why A Library Is Still a Treasure In This Google World
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