Happy Thanksgiving

It seems like we were just celebrating Halloween and now we’re celebrating Thanksgiving. We feel joyous and festive and very generous this time of the year and we are all just too eager to give gifts to just everyone we know of. But giving gifts is really no simple task. It could really be stressful to think of gifts that will make our recipient really happy.

There is nothing more satisfying than giving and knowing that our gifts give delight to a person. That is why we often take pains in selecting the best gift for every single person in our life. And each person has different preferences and love different things.

For book lovers,well, it’s a no-brainer to know that they love books. But you may want to give something else this year aside from the usual book you give them each year. Little bookworms or maybe those kid at heart adult bookworms will definitely benefit from something really cute and yet bookish this year.

And here I compile 5 simple ideas that little bibliophiles will delight in having and make them feel that you are thankful you have them in your life:

(Disclaimer: I may earn a little commission if you click some links in this post. And this small commission will help support this site, so thank you. I am not affiliated with most of the links I posted here, but I found them to be really great.)

1. One year Children’s Book Subscription Box

Yes, it is still basically books but a paid 1-year subscription will make your little bookworm look forward to the year ahead. And isn’t it great to have something to look forward to, each month?

Here are some of the companies I found that offer book subscription boxes:

2. Book Jewelry and Accessories

A book earring, book necklace and just about any accessories designed with books. I found some really cool necklaces here, and some cute earrings in here, too. And it seems there are wrist watches for bookworms too! Go check them out and give a little bookworm some love. ­čÖé

3. Bookworm Tee

Make your bookworms proud of who they are and give them some shirt to that is basically a shout out that it’s cool to be a bookworm. Buy tees like this one here from Teespring.

Too Many Books Too Little Time


4. Book-Themed Socks

It’s the cold season and your little bookworm’s cold feet could benefit from some warm socks that feature some of their favorite books. I found some┬áreally cute book-themed socks that you can shop online from here:

5. Literature-Themed Coloring Books

Coloring books are sometimes a great activity when you can’t get over a book. And what’s more fun than coloring books featuring your favorite books? Ask any bookworm and they will definitely agree with me. And by the way, a Harry Potter fanatic bookworm will definitely fall in love with these coloring books.

Giving gifts is absolutely fun and while I love to receive gifts too, I love to give gifts more. Just seeing the faces of those who receive my gifts lit up with excitement and happiness brings tremendous joy to me. And it is just priceless.

Do you have more gift ideas that you can share with us? I will absolutely be thrilled if you comment your ideas below.


5 Simple Thanksgiving Gift Ideas For Your Little Bookworm
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