Not Quite Narwal by Jessie SimaUnicorns and rainbows doesn;t seem to rhyme but they seem to have one thing in common: they make me smile. Because who just can’t resist looking up a rainbow and admire its beautiful colors? And who can’t love unicorns when they sparkle like rainbows and are irresistibly cute and pretty? No one, I say.

And when I saw this book about a¬†unicorn in the sea with its pretty cover that has a dash of a rainbow on it, I said, I need to read this one. And I just can’t help but fall in love with this book. It literally made me go aww…

A heartwarming tale, it shows us Kelp, the unicorn who was born deep in the ocean to a family of narwhals. Kelp has always been puzzled because he was so different from the rest of the family. His tusk isn’t that long, he doesn’t like the food they eat and he is not a good swimmer. The others don’t seem to mind though so he decided not to mind it too.

But one day he was swept away by a strong current and eventually he found himself at the surface of the ocean close to land. It was then that he spotted a creature very much like him. And so he ventures onto land to look for the creature and found out that he is not a narwhal but a unicorn. When it’s time for Kelp to choose where he really wants to be, he realized things doesn’t have to be so hard as they seem.

This sweet book with its beautifully colored illustrations made by the author herself is simply adorable. It’s message of uniqueness and standing out but still being able to fit in through the encompassing love of a family and friends is tightly woven into the story. A book about a misfit and finding out one’s self while still cherishing one’s roots, this book will never grow old with time.

Highly recommended for your little ones. They will surely love the story and the colors of this adorable book.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Author: Jessie Sima

Age Level: 4+



Book Review: Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima
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