There may be times that you look into a mirror and not like what you see. Maybe even hate what you see. Especially for girls on the stage of puberty, unsightly zits and red face may be a horror.

You may feel awkward at times and wish that you could be better. You may even wish to be someone else rather than yourself.

But you don’t have to be tough on yourself.

You owe it to yourself to be confident about your body, your every quirk and all of you. To feel that you are special just because you are you. To feel good about yourself and know that no one in this world is exactly like you. YOU are unique. You are what makes you special.

And so to celebrate the individuality of each us, our book feature for today is all about a little girl who loves herself. She likes herself for who she is because all she wants is just to be herself! Now, how inspiring is that?

This teeny, tiny, little girl with her braids or messy hair loves herself no matter what. She loves every part of her body, everything about herself, inside and out. Now, wouldn’t it be better if we live just like her, loving every part of us and wanting nothing but be ourselves?

In a flowing and catchy rhyme, this little picture book would surely make you love yourself. And to quote:

Even when I look a mess,

I still don’t like me any less,

cause nothing in this world, you know,

can change what’s deep inside, and so.

And she’s absolutely right!

You may feel bad about yourself sometimes and may even felt that you don’t like yourself. But you are not alone in that. And you need not feel that way always. No one should. Know that there is something special about you. And no one can replace you.

Be yourself and love yourself for it.

What were the times that you felt bad about yourself? How have you bounced back? Did anyone help you to feel better about yourself? Tell us your story! I especially would love to hear about it. 🙂




Girl Power Monday: Celebrate Individuality Featuring I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont
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