Happy Children's Day 2017Sixty-three years ago, on November 20, 1954, the United Nations established a Universal Children’s Day which aims to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide and improving children’s welfare. 

Today’s Google Doodle is also taking part in the celebration with doodles of little acorns atop an oak tree.

With a hashtag #KidsTakeOver, Children’s Day 2017 is a fun-filled day of activities with high profile stars and world leaders lending their support. Despite the fun, the message of this initiative is clear: celebrating and promoting children’s rights, and building a better world for children.

As Justin Forsyth, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director said, “World’s Children’s Day will be a day for children, by children.”

We may not be children anymore, but we were once and well, as adults who are kids at heart, we can’t help but feel like this is also our day. I was actually quite giddy and I think of ways to celebrate this special day. It’s time to let the kid in me take over.

1. A picture book that is fit for the occasion.For Every Child by Caroline Castle

‘For Every Child’

by Caroline Castle

On Nov 20, 1989, the United Nations formally adopted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Fourteen of the declarations that are most relevant to children’s everyday lives have been retold in this picture book and each one is interpreted in a double-page illustration by a different artist from around the world. Simple text with attractive illustrations, this picture book is perfect for Children’s Day.

2. Listen to a child.

When was the last time you talk to a child? The last time for me was maybe some weeks ago. My six-year-old cousin and I were on the phone and she was just chatting with me about all the things that happened to her and about school.  While you may sometimes feel that a child just talks about trivial things like how she likes her pink backpack, talking and actually listening to a child can make her feel validated, loved and understood. It also helps makes a child an empathetic listener too.

3. Watch a documentary about children.

Documentaries help us see what we are not able to because we are entirely in a different situation or location. In such case, they are eye-openers and they jerk us into a reality we never knew existed or we knew but we never really have thought much about.

Watching a documentary about the lives of children will help us remember that this day is a day dedicated to them and we should be doing what we can to help them. One such documentary is Reel Time: Bone Dry, a documentary highlighting child malnutrition in the Philippines, where two in ten children are undernourished. Real stories and real children, struggling to live. It’s heart-breaking. Something that I would have avoided to watch any day but I admit, it is something that I should come to acknowledge so I could do something about it.

“Mankind owes to the child the best it has to give” so the Declaration of the Rights of the Child goes. Ours may not be a perfect world for children, but if we each do our part, one day no child will be denied his rights.

How about you? How did you celebrate Children’s Day? Share with us below. 🙂


How to Celebrate Children’s Day 2017
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